Mehndi Designs For Children’s Hand

Mehndi Designs For Children’s Hand1

 Children are the most valuable part of any kind of ceremony or festival. They make mehndi designs for children’s hand on their hands and other visible pars of the body. Mehndi designs play an important in the most popular part of their beauty.
The current craze for body painting among the urban youth has suddenly revived interest in mehndi. The natural and pain-free art of decorating the hands and feet with henna on ceremonial occasions. Now the days, there is no any wedding is ever complete without the Mehndi.
The art form of henna or mehndi varies significantly from region. According to different cultural background mehndi (henna) can be divided into several types from children point of view, and one of the most popular kid’s mehndi designs. Children are made mehndi designs on their hands by their mother or sisters. Cones are convenient tools for creating new patterns, just as paper stencils are available for instant application.


Mehndi Designs